• Pawel’s paper at the Late Antique Seminar in Warsaw

    On 11 April 2024, Paweł Nowakowski gave the paper, “I pray, do not focus on their barbarous tongue.” The written and spoken languages in monasteries of early Byzantine Syria at the Late Antique Seminar in Warsaw convened by Ewa Wipszycka-Bravo and Robert Wiśniewski. Abstract: The complex issue of written and spoken languages used in Eastern […]

  • Martyna at the 8th Workshop in Berlin

    Martyna Świerk participated in the poster session of the 8th Workshop in Berlin. She presented a poster titled “Individualism and the Community Facing the Cultural Changes: EPIDENTITY Project”, in which she explored the digital infrastructure behind our research – she explained the principles behind the database which is now under construction and its “three pillars” which list […]

  • Pawel’s paper in Brill’s Kudos collection

    Pawel Nowakowski’s paper “Of Presbyters and Stonemasons, or Switching Codes in a Syrian Village” recently published in: Y. Minets, P. Nowakowski (eds.), Shaping Letters, Shaping Communities: Multilingualism and Linguistic Practice in the Late Antique Near East and Egypt (Texts and Studies in Eastern Christianity, Volume: 33, Leiden: Brill, 2023), 50–78 was chosen for presentation on Brill’s Kudos […]

  • Our project welcomes a new postdoc: dr Martyna Świerk!

    Martyna is a historian and epigraphist with the specialization in the epigraphic culture of the provinces of the Roman Empire. Her research interests focus broadly on the phenomenon of epigraphy as a medium for different population groups and the relevance of inscriptions in the public space. In recent years, her research was mainly concerned with […]

  • Valentina Grasso on Miaphysitism in North-West Arabia

    alentina Grasso was another guest of our project. On 25 May 2023, she gave the paper “A Sixth-Century Miaphysite Commonwealth? The Case of North-West Arabia”. An important issue raised in her talk were the Greek inscriptions of the Jafnid phylarchs, compared with the Old Arabic graffito of Jabal Says, which give insight into different patterns […]